War and change in the Middle East 1914-49

P. 181 Source Analysis Research the places discussed by both authors Sharif Hussein: Mersin: large city + port (largest seaport of Turkey)  part of interurban agglomeration (Adana-Mersin Metropolitan Area) – geographical + economical + cultural region. Important for Turkey’s ECONOMY Adana: southern Turkey, agricultural + commercial center Urfa: predominant Arabian + Kurdish + Turkmen population, … Continue reading

The debt crisis -2

P. 189 no. 1 Comparison of the development indicators of Uganda and the UK P. 189 no. 6 Argument to convince a sceptic that debts are worth cancelling Thinking of Ugandas common situation it is absolutely dishonorable to decline cancelling debts. The living conditions are terrible.  The infant mortality rate is extreme high, 106 per … Continue reading

Identifying the development gap -2

P. 183 task 3 Status of infant mortality, life expectations and child malnutrition in the less developed regions of our world.   Infant mortality is babies who die during the first year of   their life due to bad life conditions.           North America quite low Western Europe very low Eurasia … Continue reading