The impacts of changes since 1994 – South Africa –


Flag of South Africa

5.5 P. 197

2. Five priorities which help to improve life for

  1. black south African’s
  •  legal quota 50% black 50% white at work

–>To integrate blacks and to reach equality

  •  Government stands up for blacks –> role model for white population

–> To integrate blacks and help the ethnic groups to get a better relationship

  1. all South Africans
  •  voluntary work to improve skills (handcraft, household chore)

–> Help the people and teach them survival skills

  • educate to improve ethnic equality
  •  governmental investment into instructing young unemployed men to policemen

–>To accomplish unemployment and improve the safety and reduce crime

  •  free birth control pill

–>To give the families the opportunity to decide how many and when they want to have a child à they can decide how many children they can feed


Why South Africa is becoming a more unequal society

Although apartheid ´died´ in 1994, huge inequality exists between black and whites in South Africa. But South Africa’s past is not the only reason for their huge problem, it also results from the development of the global economy. In the following I want to explain why South Africa is becoming a more unequal society.

First of all three facts, the regional inequality, ethnic inequality, much crime and less personal safety build the huge gap between rich and poor and black people and white people. Whereat mostly the black people are the poor and the white people are the rich, I will explain this clearer.

Regional inequality describes the difference between rich and poor regions while rich areas benefit from global growth, such as wine. Whereat the poor areas have a traditional subsistence economy and they remain poor, while having no or few job opportunities. Ethnic inequality exists because of the different skin colors. The black people suffer because the white population is better off, only few white people are poor. Another huge problem is crime and personal safety, it is not provided in South Africa f.e. compared to the UK there are five time as much murderer in S. A. than in the UK (per 100 000).

Besides inequality the following things harm the South African’s. Huge unemployment incriminates the young men, 50% of the population under 18 has no job. Because the economy can’t provide jobs for the many school leavers every year. Furthermore cuts in health spending have worsened the impacts of HIV/AIDS.

What shouldn’t be left unsaid is that the poor people are getting poorer because of economic transition. Due to loss of jobs unemployment doubled to 30%, which has affected the black population far more than the white. And the liberalization of the economy, it means privatizing of State assets and cuts in Civil Service gave the wealthy white minority easy access to become richer. Just to name a few facts.

The world economy grows and so will the wealth of the white population which reduces the chance of the black population to get out of poverty.

In conclusion can be said: The apartheid is gone, but not in the minds of the society, which leads to a more unequal society instead to a better. South Africa is in need of a big change to provide a safe and fair life for everybody. A ´Masterplan´ must be drawn and be fulfilled by every  one.



This picture shows the right way to go!!

I think this picture fits perfectly 🙂






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