History “exam”

/> History Klausurersatzleisung step by step.. 1. Find the text in the history book “History of Europe and the Middle East” and copy it 2. Put the needed passages together 3. Look up the translation of unknown words 4. Highlight important parts 5. Sum up the text + find three follow up questions 6.Post it … Continue reading

The treaties of Sevres and Lausanne


Ways forward 3: the Millennium Development Goals

  This picture shows the 8 Millennium Development Goals of the UN.   Quelle: http://www.bb.undp.org/uploads/images/millenium-goals.gif P. 217 no.3 3. a) What should the next set of Goals be for 2015 to 2030? Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger        -take care of the other half of people living on less than 1 US dollar a … Continue reading

Booming Bangalore -1

P.201 no. 2   P.201 no. 3 What are the potential benefits and problems of an economy with growth driven by foreign companies ? In the early 1990s the Indian Government liberalized India’s economy, allowing large numbers of overseas companies to set up operations there. Then Bangalore became India’s hub in the ‘new economy’. The … Continue reading