Ways forward 3: the Millennium Development Goals



This picture shows the 8 Millennium Development Goals of the UN.


Quelle: http://www.bb.undp.org/uploads/images/millenium-goals.gif

P. 217 no.3

3. a) What should the next set of Goals be for 2015 to 2030?

  1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

       -take care of the other half of people living on less than 1 US dollar a day

       -take care of the other half of people suffering from hunger

     2.  Achieve universal secondary education , and ensure that all complete it

      and give the chance to attend university for everybody

  1. Reduce child mortality completely
  2. Improve maternal health

        -Reduce the whole maternal mortality ratio

   6. Ensure environmental sustainability

        -Sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation for



    7. Create a fair political system which supports the maintenance

        of achieved goals

    8. Create new economy rules to increase the GNI (Gross National Income)

         – `making the money stay in the country

    9. Invest into new business

        -create new jobs following the better education system


b) Will the development gap still be a matter of concern then?

The development gap describes the social and economic disparity between the wealthy and the poor. It occurs globally but also locally.The United Nations summited the eight Millennium Goals (MDG’S) in 2000 to get rid of the extreme poverty in the world. Eight targets have been signed by UN members to be achieved by 2015. With the aim to decrease the development gap. They try to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child mortality, ensure environmental sustainability and more. But will the development gap still be a matter of concern if they achieve all MDG’s by 2015?

I think the development gap will still be a matter of concern then. Even though they achieve all the goals by 2015, it will take some time until everything is sustainable and has reached a certain level, too call it successful. It takes a few ages until they profit from the surviving babies and their education. And if people earn more than 1 US dollar a day, how much do they earn after 2015? I am sure it wont be enough to close the gap between poor and rich. The UN members can try to increase the  living standards and make their life’s more worth living by improving the health system and give the people the opportunity to work. But no one can build them a house and provide electricity for everybody.

When they achieve all MDG’s they have improved a lot, but in 15 years they won’t be able to close the huge development gap and provide a safe and carefree life for the poor.





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