1.1 Energy security in the USA






P. 10 No. 1





Factors internal to the USA:

-needs to import energy goods

-high energy consumption

-energy hungry country

-political dependency from overseas

-increasing realiance on imports

External factors from overseas:

 -decreasing energy resources

-high prices

-disruption of supplies


Using these factors I am going to identify how the USA’s energy security could be improved. A few ideas come to my mind. First of all the USA could strengthen the relationship to energy rich countries, as coverage for energy and also achieve a good political relationship. 

Another idea of mine is to decrease energy consumption in the country. For example by boosting “the” environmental lifestyle. My last idea is to try to exploit energy in countries not too far away to save shipping costs and avoid risks during for example shipping.

P.10 No. 4

Explain the energy problems which the USA is facing, and why its energy insecurity is growing.

Thinking of the USA in the 21st century, the country faces a lot of energy problems. In the following I will explain those and why its energy insecurity is growing.

The global supplies of energy resources are not evenly distributed. Considering this fact, the USA has a lack of energy. This is the reason why the resources are often located far from where they are consumed and have to be exported, which leads to energy insecurity as f.e.  shipping could be problematic and therefore insecure.

As oil is used in every sector of the U.S economy, any price rise threatens the economy due to higher costs. This mainly is why the USA is in energy crisis.

Further problems occur in the energy consumption. The USA consumes a big part of the global primary energy supply (21.3%) and an similar percentage of the worlds oil (23.8%). Therefore a lot of energy has to be available which is rather difficult because, as already mentioned, the U.S relies on energy imports. The imports are needed for electricity generation, transport and heating. Besides this oil and natural gas are the major sources of fuel. The reliance on imports increased rapidly since 1960 (18%-58%) till 2003.

As political conflicts could affect the availability of energy, the USA is bounded to the export country of energy and a good relationship is needed. An example for this is the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York on 11 September 2001 and therefore its link to the Middle East, where the energy is basically exported from. After the attack the dependence oft he USA on those imports heightened.

My conclusion basically answers why the USA’s energy insecurity is growing.

First of all future prognoses show that fossil fuels are running out and mainly all of the world’s energy supplies, reserves, and demand are uncertain. Besides this exploitation of energy can heavily pollute the environment. Considering the political dependency on f.e. the Middle East energy insecurity can grow because energy sources might not be available for the USA, which consumes a lot. The demand for energy is increasing which automatically displays the appearing problems and shows how energy insecurity is going to grow in the future.


Summed up the energy demand rises, which confronts the USA with these problems and due to the increase of demand and problems the energy insecurity is growing in the future. 




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