1.1 Energy security in the USA

          P. 10 No. 1 a.   b. Factors internal to the USA: -needs to import energy goods -high energy consumption -energy hungry country -political dependency from overseas -increasing realiance on imports External factors from overseas:  -decreasing energy resources -high prices -disruption of supplies c. Using these factors I am going … Continue reading

Ways forward 3: the Millennium Development Goals

  This picture shows the 8 Millennium Development Goals of the UN.   Quelle: http://www.bb.undp.org/uploads/images/millenium-goals.gif P. 217 no.3 3. a) What should the next set of Goals be for 2015 to 2030? Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger        -take care of the other half of people living on less than 1 US dollar a … Continue reading

Booming Bangalore -1

P.201 no. 2   P.201 no. 3 What are the potential benefits and problems of an economy with growth driven by foreign companies ? In the early 1990s the Indian Government liberalized India’s economy, allowing large numbers of overseas companies to set up operations there. Then Bangalore became India’s hub in the ‘new economy’. The … Continue reading

The impacts of changes since 1994 – South Africa –

Flag of South Africa 5.5 P. 197 2. Five priorities which help to improve life for black south African’s  legal quota 50% black 50% white at work –>To integrate blacks and to reach equality  Government stands up for blacks –> role model for white population –> To integrate blacks and help the ethnic groups to … Continue reading

Living on the wrong side of the development gap

The topic is living on the wrong side oft he development gap. In the following I want to describe Sri Lankas development status, considering the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross National Income (GNI) and the Human Development Index (HDI). The GDP means the value of the goods and services produced in a country over a … Continue reading

The debt crisis -2

P. 189 no. 1 Comparison of the development indicators of Uganda and the UK P. 189 no. 6 Argument to convince a sceptic that debts are worth cancelling Thinking of Ugandas common situation it is absolutely dishonorable to decline cancelling debts. The living conditions are terrible.  The infant mortality rate is extreme high, 106 per … Continue reading

Identifying the development gap -2

P. 183 task 3 Status of infant mortality, life expectations and child malnutrition in the less developed regions of our world.   Infant mortality is babies who die during the first year of   their life due to bad life conditions.           North America quite low Western Europe very low Eurasia … Continue reading