History “exam”

/> History Klausurersatzleisung step by step.. 1. Find the text in the history book “History of Europe and the Middle East” and copy it 2. Put the needed passages together 3. Look up the translation of unknown words 4. Highlight important parts 5. Sum up the text + find three follow up questions 6.Post it … Continue reading

The treaties of Sevres and Lausanne


War and change in the Middle East 1914-49

P. 181 Source Analysis Research the places discussed by both authors Sharif Hussein: Mersin: large city + port (largest seaport of Turkey)  part of interurban agglomeration (Adana-Mersin Metropolitan Area) – geographical + economical + cultural region. Important for Turkey’s ECONOMY Adana: southern Turkey, agricultural + commercial center Urfa: predominant Arabian + Kurdish + Turkmen population, … Continue reading